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Distribution Partners

Each partner gains a unique email and password to an exclusive online Partner Portal which gives you access to a wide range of sales and marketing material including brochures, images, presentations, product application guides and lots more.

Private Label

Private label allows companies to sell our products under your own name so that already established customers are buying from a brand they already know and trust while enjoying new and exciting products.


There are 12 e-commerce sites in many languages serving customers on five continents across the globe. We provide an excellent user-experience and ensure our online customers receive the best value for money when it comes to shopping.

End Users

Smarter Surfaces has a range of end-users, from all categories of business and education, who purchase our products around the world. We have included examples of just a few of these here.


Enhance communications, collaboration and ultimately productivity in your office, classroom or home with our range of wallcoverings, films, paints and plasters.

Our products are divided by functionality to help determine which products best fit customer needs. With products made in Ireland and the UK exclusively, Smarter Surfaces encompass a global audience of customers who can all create their very own innovative surface.

Having functional surfaces is a growing industry, if you don’t already use functional surfaces you need to get on board to stay at the top of exciting workplace trends. If you want to add innovation to your brand, offer unique products to stand out against competitors, and attract customers such as multinational companies, banks and schools, you should consider adding some or all of our products to your range

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