About Us

Smarter Surfaces is a world leader in providing innovative surface solutions with a variety of functionalities.

In 2009 the research and development process began for our initial product Smart Wall Paint, alongside expert coatings specialists from the UK, before launching the award-winning product in 2012.

Since then Research and Development has been a key component in our product creation process. It has remained core throughout our rapid growth as we continue to innovate and introduce new products.

We have gained a reputation for our ability to design and create truly innovative commercial wallcoverings, paints and plasters that have one purpose- to add functionality to surfaces.

Our versatile products can be applied to a number of surfaces in commercial settings including; walls and desks, meeting rooms and offices, classrooms and even entire buildings. Each can be transformed into collaborative and productive working environments.

Our business model comprises of four routes to market

- Global partner and reseller network
- Private Label
- Global, multi-lingual e-commerce sites
- Franchise

Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland we manufacture both in Ireland and the UK Contact us on +353 1 412 6200 or mark@smartersurfaces.com


Founder Ronan Clarke and fellow Director Denise Doran have been at the helm of Smarter Surfaces since its early days.

Ronan Clarke


Director and Founder Ronan Clarke is a proven entrepreneur with a background in construction and property investment in Ireland and overseas. From 1998 to 2008, he managed a successful multi-million euro construction business.

In 2009, Ronan founded Smart Wall Paint. His entrepreneurial talent has been recognised with the awarding of the 2013 David Manley Business Category Award and the 2013 PwC Docklands Innovation Awards.

Denise Doran, BBS MBA

Head of Business Strategy

Denise is an internationally accomplished, senior executive with 20 years demonstrated career success. She has worked with Nortel, Hitachi and Dell, in a variety of global strategic, product, channel and marketing roles. She has lived and worked in Ireland, the UK and France.

Denise set up the first marketing communications team in Dell UK and Ireland, with an annual budget of €30million, delivering 30% quarter-on-quarter lead generation increases. She also ran her own very successful consultancy company, working with many of Ireland's top tech start-up companies.

John Byrne FCA BCOMM

Financial Controller

John is a Chartered Accountant having trained with leading international accountancy firm, Mazars. A senior financial executive with a proven track record of business development and relationship management, John has 25 years’ experience in a range of industrial sectors including transport, retail, manufacture and export. He has managed turnovers in excess of €30 million and staffing of 50 plus.

Mark Mullins

Head of International Sales

Mark has over 20 years international sales, negotiation, and relationship building experience.
He has been involved with advising overseas companies who want to increase their sales and margins by introducing the Smarter Surfaces product range into their market place.

Mark joined Smarter Surfaces in 2016 with responsibility for leading the rapid expansion of Smarter Surfaces network of distributors across Europe, Asia, Africa and South America


Enhance communications, collaboration and ultimately productivity in your office, classroom or home with our range of wallcoverings, paints and plasters.

The collections below divide the products by functionality to help determine which products best fit customer needs. With products made in Ireland and the UK exclusively, Smarter Surfaces encompass a global audience of customers who can all create their very own innovative surface.

Having functional surfaces is a growing industry, if you don’t already use functional surfaces you need to get on board to stay at the top of exciting workplace trends. If you want to add innovation to your brand, offer unique products to stand out against competitors, and attract customers such as multinational companies, banks and schools, you should considering adding some or all of our products to your range.


Smarter Surfaces™ has rapidly grown from an Irish startup to one of the world’s leading international exporters of functional surface solutions. Our history has been characterised by achievements in innovation and expansion into new territories around the globe.



  • Exhibited at leading industry trade shows in the USA and Europe
  • Launched Professionals Programme to cater to commercial interiors industry professionals
  • Launched Private Label option for industry brand leaders to expand their product ranges based on our product innovations
  • Continue to expand distributor network across the world


  • Continued our research and development into functional Wallcoverings
  • Launched our third wallcovering product: Smart Magnetic Wallcovering
  • Launched our first triple functionality product: Smart 3-in-1 Wallcovering: Projector, Magnetic and Dry Erase
  • Launched our first two magnetic base materials: Magnetic Digi Print Base Pro and Magnetic Wallcoverings Base


  • Expanded our R&D activities into Magnetic Base Materials for the digital print and office furniture industries
  • Launched bespoke manufacturing partnerships for specific solutions to brand leaders in the office furniture and office interior products
  • Significant investment in the Supply Chain Management function of our business to allow for continued global growth


  • Expanded distributor network across Asia (including India)
  • Expanded distributor network from exclusivity to include resellers and exclusivity to verticals.
  • Launched pilot of new Franchise Business Model (Ireland Only)
  • Secured first franchisees
  • Launched first franchisee website which was subsequently shortlisted for Best Pilot Website by the Irish Franchise Association


  • Expanded our research and development into Wallcoverings
  • Launched our first ever Wallcovering: Smart Dry Erase Wallcovering
  • Launched our second wallcovering product; Smart Projector Wallcovering (Dry Erase Low Sheen)
  • Other new products released include; Smart Magnetic Plaster (ready mixed)


  • Introduced four new product collections which arrange all of our products (regardless of wallcoverings, paint, plaster) based on the functionality they offe
  • New corporate website launched to present Smarter Surfaces online beyond our ecommerce presence
  • Launched Partner Programme for existing distributors


  • By end of year we had 30 distribution partners


  • Added magnetic functionality to product range with the launch of Smart Magnetic Paint


  • Company rebranded from Smart Wall Paint to Smarter Surfaces in order to more accurately portray our increasing product range and moving beyond walls and beyond paint
  • By end of 2015 we had 17 ecommerce sites in 6 languages plus selected product range available on five european amazon sites


  • Trading across five continents
  • Company moved to new showroom and office premises


  • Added Projector functionality to product range with the launch of Smart Projector Paint


  • Founder, products and company won many awards
  • Exhibited in Moscow and Dubai as well as Europe


  • Smart Wall Paint team expands
  • Second director Denise Doran joins founder Ronan Clarke to manage and grow the business
  • Expanded sales outside of Europe to across US and Australia


  • Expanded product range to include a transparent version of Smart Wall Paint:; Smart Wall Paint (Clear)


  • Relaunched rebranding and new ecommerce websites
  • Launched French, German, Italian, ecommerce websites for sales of all products


  • Smart Wall Paint began trading
  • First distributors are established in the UK


  • Smart Wall Paint White released


  • First e-commerce site in English goes online


  • Company founded as Smart Wall Paint


  • First product Smart Wall Paint (White) in production


  • Ronan Clarke, company founder, gets idea for Smart Wall Paint after searching for an alternative to filling an office with whiteboards. This was because whiteboards are expensive, difficult and costly to ship, difficult to install and don’t go around corners or accommodate size specific office features like light switches, doors etc.
  • Contacted British Coatings Federation to source world class coatings experts


  • Beginning of the research and development of initial product dry erase paint ‘Smart Wall Paint’ (White)

Our Company Values

Think Big

Smarter Surfaces™ grew from an idea our founder had when asked to fit out an entire meeting room with whiteboards. That’s how our business was born.

Ethics and Respect

We are a global company with partners in every continent, end-users in most countries and an international team who work together from Dublin to make all of this happen. So it's really important to us that everyone is treated with respect and equality.

Customer Service

It’s really simple. It’s not enough to just sell award-winning products. Our customer comes first – all the time…. every time.


Smarter Surfaces™ success is built on relationships. We work hard to create a collaborative and friendly environment within our company and with all of our customers, partners and franchisees.


At Smarter Surfaces we enjoy what we do and we have fun while we do it. We love our products and our customers and partners love them too. That’s why we make sure fun is part of the entire Smarter Surfaces experience.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Smarter Surfaces™ Corporate Social Responsibility Programme is about encouraging positive change for our workplace and our community. It operates under three headings of Community, Environment and Positive Workplace.

Our CSR activities are led and managed by a volunteer group from our staff.


As a global business, we recognise the importance of acting as a responsible global corporate citizen. We want to contribute to the global community by supporting organisations around the world that foster our values and bring about positive changes in society.

Smarter Surfaces™ grew from a place of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. So, we have a strong affinity for organisations that are committed to a world where bright ideas, courage and commitment are rewarded. That is why we support organisations like CoderDojo, Teach Design, the Deaf Society, Zeero.org and Envision.

Here’s what Envision had to say: “Telling people they can just write on the wall is great fun- especially watching their reactions as you watch an almost childlike grin appear on their face! Thank you for your amazing donation- it has made a massive difference.”


Smarter Surfaces™ uses environmentally sustainable technologies in all of our paints and accessories. By choosing Smart Wall Paint over standard whiteboards, customers are supporting a product that reduces landfill waste, is low in VOCs and uses Eco-friendly packaging.

The Smarter Surfaces™ environmental policy influences how we work at every level. We know it’s important for us to reduce the amount of paper we use. Staff only print when necessary, reuse paper when possible and, send invoices almost exclusively by email. We use recycled paper for our brochures and marketing materials.

We have also taken steps to monitor and reduce our carbon footprint. Our Carbon Emissions Policy outlines ways in which staff can reduce carbon emissions as individuals and as an organisation. This includes saving electricity, seeking alternatives to overseas travel and taking low carbon travel options when possible. For example, most of our meetings with partners are on Skype and/or conference calls.

Positive Workplace

The success of Smarter Surfaces as a whole relies on the success of all employees as individuals. Everyone at Smarter Surfaces at Smarter Surfaces has the opportunity to be involved in various different stages of the business, from ideas for new products to brainstorming ways to reach the public. We offer frequent training and development opportunities, and we hold review sessions twice a year to help everyone meet their personal career development goals.

All new staff that join us are appointed a "buddy" from our existing team. It is the buddy's job to help the new team member settle in and to answer all of their questions. The buddy takes the new staff member to lunch on their first day too.

An all-staff team meeting takes places fortnightly. This is an forum for everyone to share news and update about their area of work with the entire company (and maybe get a round of applause!).

Our Intern Programme is highly competitive. Everyone on our Intern Programme develops their skillset to a career changing level. As a flat, non-hierarchical organisation, our interns are treated like full time staff and have a tremendous opportunity to get involved in a wide variety of projects. To date, we have offered full time employment to seven of our interns, some of whom have risen quickly through our company.

The Smarter Surfaces social committee is made up of staff volunteers. They are assigned an annual budget and are free to spend this as long as all staff benefit. Activities to date have ranged from Friday pizzas, board games night, indoor climbing, tour of Irish Whisky museum to summer BBQs.

Smarter Surface operates an open door policy without any private offices. Everyone is accessible. We encourage open communications at all times.

As an export-led business, our staff and our customers come from all corners of the world. We encourage cultural awareness and so we invite all staff and visitors to present their country to us (geography, economics, food, culture) so we can enjoy learning about the places we do business in and who we work with.